Learning to read and digital learning environments to support literacy learning: a multilingual perspective

14:00 bis 17:30

Fremdsprachenzentrum Bremen
4 AE

Universität Bremen
Gebäude GW2
Raum A3.220

The skills of reading and writing are quite often taken for granted in today’s world. Many of us have learnt the basic literacy skills first in our own language.  Reading is a language related skill, but what actually is the role of language in learning to read and what other things are involved?  And what is the role of first language when you learn to read in other languages? Is reading and learning to read similar in any language? In what way can digital games and other kind of new learning environments benefit those – children or adults – who are  learning to read in first, second or foreign language? These questions will be discussed in the reading seminar and reflected to the own experiences of literacy learning in different languages by the audience. 

Inhalt und Lernziele
Digitale Medien
Literacy Learning
B: Lernerorientierung: Lernfaktoren - Lernkontexte - Lernformen
D: Medientechnik und Mediendidaktik für den FU